Contract Bonds

Surety Bonds

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Our bond specialists secure all different types of bonds. It's our long-term surety relationships that help us deliver the most reliable and competitive pricing in the industry--with a quick turnaround. We are proud of the surety practice we have built. 

Contract Bonds
  • Indemnifies against the loss through failure to perform a contract. Although written by a surety company, it is a form of credit guarantee, and the obligation is somewhat similar to that assumed by a bank when extending a loan except the surety is unable to terminate its liability once the bond has been released to the oblige.
Commercial Bonds
  • Court Bonds: All bonds and undertakings required of participants in a lawsuit permitting them to pursue certain remedies in court.
  • Public Official Bonds: Guarantees taxpayers that a public official will “faithfully and honestly” perform the duties of their office.
  • License & Permit Bonds: Required as a condition of granting a license to make certain the licensee will conform to the ordinances or laws relating to the business in which they are engaged.
Fidelity Bonds
  • Covers losses resulting from employee dishonesty.